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FREE Academic Skills Diagnostic Test And Consultation For Students

Preparing Students For The SAT, ACT, And More

Student studying
To create a smarter student, you need to first create a Smarter Process. At C2 Education, we customize our test prep programs to fit your students' needs.
Smarter Process

Tutoring Services That Get Results

Tutoring services
We have tutors available seven days a week to help students. On average, 90% of C2 students see improvements in their grades in the first three months.
Tutoring Services

Advanced Placement Course Prep

Student review
We make sure that your student is ready for placement tests by creating tests to help gage their potential. If college is their destination, C2 Education is the first step.
Test Prep

Testimonial of Satisfied Student 
 "When I first enrolled, it was a literal 2 days until my SAT. Thankfully, C2 was able to assist me in the midst of my situation and trained me in English for four hours of tutoring per day and an entire book of review before the exam. Due to those two days of SAT practice, I was able to increase my English score from 580 to a 760. C2’s tutoring proved to be an extremely effect tutoring system and I furthered enrolled in their program for my next standardized test. The results were tremendous.
Initial score:
SAT: 1720
ACT: 24
Final score:
SAT: 1930
ACT: 30
After my standardized tests, they offer to assist me through my college application process. After 6 weeks of essay assistance I had a golden essay that heavily impacted my application process. Thanks to Lee’s assistance my application process was less stressful and I had more time to enjoy my senior year. Now I’m heading off to Boston University with a full scholarship. Thank you for assisting me in this trans-formative time in my life.

Boston University
Emory University
Carnegie Mellon University
Georgetown University
University of Texas"

Sonny N., C2 student, Sugar Land
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