Establish A Lifelong Love For Reading With Our Tutorial Services

If your student has difficulty with reading skills, the answer is C2 Education and our reading tutorial services. We can help your student at any grade level gain confidence and develop a love for reading that will help them excel throughout their life.

Customized And Personalized Tutoring To Develop Reading Skills At Any Grade

We help high school students build verbal tools to handle complex readings, recognize advanced literary themes, and clearly express their opinions and thoughts in writing. We also build up their vocabulary to improve their SAT performance.

For middle school students, we expand children's reading comprehension abilities and promote strong vocabulary skills and advanced literary analysis. We teach students how to apply critical reading and inferential techniques to subjects such as social studies, sciences, and language arts.

We instruct elementary school students to recognize phonics, build their vocabulary, and improve their reading comprehension. As we build your child's necessary verbal skills, we incorporate more critical and context-based strategies to help them further improve their reading skills.
"C2 has helped my daughter enhance her reading comprehension skills so much! Before the tutoring, she received a 6 (on a 1-9 scale) on a private school entrance exam last year and with a 2-month tutoring at C2, she achieved a flawless 9 this year! One thing I felt regret is that I didn't purchase any math session so my daughter didn't do as well on math. Now I have just purchased hundred hours more and expect to see my child excel in both English and math. I highly recommend C2 Sugar Land!"

Virginia C., C2 parent, Sugar Land

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