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Find Your Voice With Our Writing Tutoring

Improving your writing skills doesn't just help you in school, it also helps you throughout your adult life. You will learn not just how to tell a story or idea well, but also how to effectively inform the reader and compel them to action. C2 Education can help students find their literary voice, build their confidence, and give them the necessary skills to excel at the craft of writing.

Writing Tutors For All Grade Levels

High School
Our tutors help high school students thoughtfully express their opinions and become clear and concise writers through text analysis, logical thinking, and careful organization.

Middle School
Our customized writing programs help middle school students craft and polish an effective essay. We also teach students how to brainstorm and outline ideas, develop thesis statements, write supporting paragraphs, and revise and edit their work into a finished product.

Elementary School
Our tutors improve your child's writing through rigorous exercises in penmanship, spelling, grammar, and composition. With this strong base, your child moves on to writing stronger, more complex sentences that form the cornerstone to constructing well-developed paragraphs. 

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"Would recommend without a doubt! C2 education has helped me achieve the scores I needed to receive a scholarship to Oklahoma State. They are by far the best tutoring group out there."

Matthew K., C2 student, Sugar Land

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